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Grumblings and Mumblings

It’s Friday so we already know a bit about who’s playing this weekend and who Isn’t, and we already know that the Bears looked horrendously awful last night against the Pack. With the injuries already mounting up, as they always seem to do, the built-in excuses for iffy performance start to mount up as well. It’s really pretty meaningless for any team to blame a loss on whoever who missing on the field in any given week, because it’s practically a given that all teams are missing at least one player in their games each week. That’s why depth is important. Doh!


Just Another Fan

While it’s undoubtedly true that more men than women pay attention to football, that doesn’t mean women don’t care about the game just as much when they are fans. And, yes, it’s true that some of us are only interested because we get a kick out of watching a bunch of well-built men run around in tights. Or maybe because Superbowl parties give us a good excuse to try out new recipes. But not all of us are like that. Some of us actually enjoy the game itself, OK?

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